Own Your Brilliance is a social enterprise launchpad for university students. 
Our dynamic network of universities, partner organizations, millennial-aged experts, and global executives provides young adults with the resources that will empower the entrepreneurs to develop sustainable, scalable market solutions that address the world's most pressing challenges. 


Our three-phase program enables students to develop novel innovations to social problems
that are more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions:

1. Come up with an idea

Through Impactathons that join shared value, sustainable development, and design thinking, we support students to generate solutions to pressing challenges in their community and the world.

2. Develop the strategy

With a team of over 100 partners, consultants, and senior advisors across Asia, Africa, and America, we bring unparalleled expertise to strategically bring your solutions to the marketplace.

3. Fund your Business

Own Your Brilliance, together with the leading crowdfunding platform and corporate + university partners, helps student teams get funding to further build, refine, and launch their ventures.


What will you change? What makes you brilliant?